Terms of Purchase

Welcome to the Terms of Purchase on the Viviebikes.com website. Please read them carefully before placing an order. By using this website and/or placing an order, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Purchase listed below. Please also read our privacy policy regarding the personal information you provide.

1. Governance Terms of Purchase-these Terms of Purchase represent the final and complete agreement between the parties. Unless made in writing and signed and approved, any modification or change of the terms or conditions described in this article in any way shall not affect this The company is binding. Provided by the company’s senior staff or other authorized personnel. We only assume no responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information contained in this website within the legal scope. This information may contain technical errors or typographical errors. The company does not assume the responsibility of updating this website to keep the information up-to-date or to ensure the accuracy or completeness of the information to ensure (and expressly disclaims). If abuse occurs, we will terminate your contract, including all rights under the terms of use and legal principles, with immediate effect. With the notice, our company prohibits everyone from contacting you. Our company will also delete your access authorization and password, and reject all or part of the relevant applications and connection pages.

2. Acceptance of orders-all orders must be verified in writing by authorized personnel of our company, unless they are confirmed in writing within a specified time period. The shipment of goods without written price verification does not constitute acceptance of the price included in the order.

3. Substitution-Our company reserves the right to substitute substitute products of the same kind, quality and function without prior notice. If the buyer does not accept substitutes, the buyer must clearly state that when the buyer requests a quotation, when such a quotation request is made, or if no quotation is submitted, our company does not allow substitutes when placing an order with the buyer. When the goods in the order need to be replaced due to insufficient inventory or delayed delivery, our company will recommend other products to you via email and confirm the replacement or refund with you.

4. Price-The quotation (including any transportation costs) is valid for 7 days, unless it is designated as a company for a specific period based on a written quotation or written sales commitment issued or verified by our store management or other authorized personnel. If the cancellation is in writing and is mailed to the buyer before our store receives a written acceptance of the price, the price determined as a fixed price within a certain period of time can be cancelled by our company. All prices and deliveries are FOB shipping points. If the sales price is lower than the quotation set by the government, the company reserves the right to cancel the order.

5. Transportation-Unless otherwise specified, the company will use its judgment to determine the carrier and route. In either case, the company is not responsible for any delays or excessive transportation costs caused by selection.

6. Packaging-Unless otherwise specified, the company will only comply with the minimum packaging standards of the selected shipping method. All special packaging, loading or support costs required by the buyer will be paid by the buyer. All packaging and transportation costs of the buyer’s special equipment shall be borne by the buyer.

7. Payment terms-discounts are only applicable to the invoice value of the material (not applicable to taxes or freight). If the buyer’s financial situation is necessary (as determined by the company), the company reserves the right to request advance payment or satisfactory guarantee for the goods. If the buyer fails to pay in accordance with the terms of this agreement or any mortgage agreement or does not comply with any provisions of this agreement, the company may choose (and other remedies) to cancel any unshipped part of the order. The buyer shall be responsible for all unpaid expenses.

8. Taxes and import and export licenses-prices do not include taxes. The buyer pays tax based on the company's invoice, unless the buyer provides a valid tax exemption certificate acceptable to the tax authority, or the company is prohibited by law from collecting the above taxes from the buyer, unless the company prohibits such behavior. The import and export license should be guaranteed by the buyer.

9. Title and risk of loss-delivery to the carrier shall constitute delivery to the buyer, and then the risk of loss or damage shall be transferred to the buyer. Any claims made by the buyer for damages during transportation or during transportation shall be filed directly with the carrier. Any claim for shortage or damage made by the buyer against the company before delivery to the carrier must be filed within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the goods, accompanied by the original transport document signed by the carrier, indicating that the carrier has Receive the goods from our company under the required conditions. Even if the buyer suffers the risk of loss, the ownership and possession of the goods sold under this agreement will remain with the company until all payments made under this agreement, including deferred payment, interest, handling fees and proof of bills or other means. lawyer fee,

10. Product return-products cannot be returned without our company's written approval, and orders once accepted by our company cannot be cancelled. Unless our company is sure to provide larger items and special orders by mistake, they will not be refunded. The customer who returns the goods is responsible for the freight.

11. Force majeure-the company does not assume any responsibility for obligations directly or indirectly caused by God’s actions or unfulfilled; actions of buyers, civil or military authorities, including wage and price control; fires; wars; riots; delays in transportation ; Lack or inability to obtain raw materials (including energy), parts, labor, fuel or supplies; or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the company, whether similar or different from the above circumstances. If some quantities are affected and others are not affected, the affected quantities should be eliminated without any responsibility, but the agreement should not be affected. Due to any of the above reasons, the company may distribute the supply of its raw materials to its various users in any way that all companies deem fair and reasonable during any shortage period. For any delay caused by any reason, the company is not responsible for special or indirect losses.

12. Reasonable attorney's fees-if a lawsuit or other lawsuit is filed to recover the purchase price or any unpaid balance or the buyer violates any of the terms contained in this agreement, the buyer shall additionally pay to our store for any damages certified by law , Reasonable attorney fees and fees charged.

13. Responsibility-The company is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by accepting this order, alone or in combination with other products or using its products. Unless the buyer files a claim within fifteen (15) days after receiving the goods, and attaches the original transportation document signed by the carrier to indicate that the carrier has received the goods from the company Or quantity errors are not responsible. The conditions have been declared. If the buyer makes such a claim in a timely manner and our store believes that the claim is valid, the company can either ship the quantity required to make up the deficit or let the company choose to fulfill its obligations, and pay the buyer the insufficient payment based on the invoice price.

14. Guarantee-All goods sold by our company to the seller are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, and are manufactured in accordance with industry standards. The foregoing guarantee is non-transferable, and replaces and excludes all other guarantees not expressly stated in this article, whether express or implied by law enforcement or other means, including but not limited to any implied guarantees of merchantability or applicability. No agent, employee or representative of the company has the right to bind any statement, confirmation or guarantee of the company regarding the goods, and any such statement, confirmation or guarantee shall not be deemed to have become part of the company's foundation. This agreement, and the agreement is not enforceable.

If any loss or damage is caused due to improper use or use of the goods, the company will not be liable for the above guarantee. The company does not assume any responsibility for product design, and does not guarantee any such design. This warranty replaces and excludes all other warranties, whether express, implied or statutory, including implied warranties of merchantability or suitability.

15. Remedial measures and scope of liability-The company is not responsible for incidental or indirect losses, damages or expenses directly or indirectly caused by the sale, handling or use of the goods or any other reasons related to it. In any case, including claims arising from breach of guarantee or negligence, our company’s liability is limited to replacing goods that do not comply with this agreement, repaying or crediting the buyer equal to the purchase price of such goods, or repairing or arranging for repairs cost. If the company requests a return, the goods will be re-delivered to the company in accordance with the company's instructions. The remedies contained in this paragraph are the buyer's sole recourse against our company for breach of any of the company's obligations (whether by guarantee or other means). As long as our company strives in good faith to correct any violations, the remedial measures specified in this article shall be deemed to have been met.

16. Selection-The buyer represents that the goods sold under this agreement are suitable for its actual or intended use, and that the buyer does not rely on the company's skills or judgment when selecting suitable goods or materials or designing suitable goods and materials. The buyer stated that the product should be used and installed in accordance with all applicable government requirements. The buyer shall defend and compensate the company, its heirs, assigns and subsidiaries from damages, and protect the company from any penalties caused by actual or alleged claims or suggestions or evaluations for any alleged violations All costs (including attorney fees), damages and liability. Constrained by any federal, state or local laws, regulations, regulations or standards that are out of or in connection with any use of the goods delivered under this agreement.

17. Applicable Law-These Terms of Purchase are governed by and are to be construed in accordance with the laws of the US, UK and HK. All purchases will be processed by our respective entity in the corresponding country as indicated by the country code in the billing statement, and these entities are governed by local laws.

18. General rules-The company clearly stated that any goods to be delivered under this agreement will be produced in accordance with the requirements of the revised Fair Labor Standards Act of 1939.

19. Full refund-If any defective or damaged items are found due to our fault, we will refund the full amount. Please note that a full refund is only applicable to free shipping orders. In addition, we do not refund the shipping costs for other orders. No refund can be applied for damages caused by the fault of a third party or the fault of the customer.

20. Partial refund-We also provide partial refunds for some returned products that lack original parts. In this case, the customer can only get a partial refund.
If the return shipping cost is proved by our company to be provided in error, including the wrong item we sent and other reasons accepted by our customer service team, we will bear it.
If you ordered a product with an incorrect size or color, or just want to replace the product, we can also return the product, but you are responsible for the shipping cost. We will refund the original product cost after receiving the returned item.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: info@viviebike.com